WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Minifit by JUSTFOG ~ Small Device, Immense Satisfaction

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Author: Hayden Smiley

Date Published: 09/09/2019


Welcome back to Vape Dispatch’s blog!!! Today’s Product of the Day is another innovative pod system, the Minifit by JUSTFOG.

If you didn't read our previous article on the best Semi-Mech mod on the market today, I highly suggest you do so because you are missing out!!!


JUSTFOG, the producer of the Minifit, has been around for a very, very long time. Based out of South Korea, the vape tech company has already been saturated in the European market for 5-8 years. If you’re just now hearing about the unique device, that’s because it has only been here in the United States for 1 year.

The company prides itself and has developed a vision surrounding high-quality products, superior manufacturing, & high levels of accessibility. JUSTFOG, as displayed in the name, prides themselves in being able to aid regular people in the transition from traditional cigarettes to contemporary technological vape devices such as pod systems.


Minifit: The Basics

Vape Dispatch | JUSTFOG Minifit | Salt Nice Device | Pod System | E-Juice | Nicotine | Mods | Tanks | Vaping Accessories | More


The JUSTFOG Minifit Ultra Portable Kit Presents:

An ergonomically designed device that is one of the smallest pod systems on the market in 2019. If you’re new to vaping, a pod system such as the Minifit is basically just a smaller version of a regular tank or atomizer that is unique to smaller devices & salt nicotine.

The small unit boasts constant voltage-based output as well as an internal chipset. The thumb-sized pod system contains a 370mAh integrated battery that powers LED indicators that power three battery light levels so that you know how much time the vape has left until it needs to be charged with a Micro USB. The Minifit is a semi-closed system, meaning that it is designed for refillable pods. Pods that are compatible with the Minifit are unique to the device; Therefore, only Minifit pods can be used with the Minifit.


Why is the Minifit so Impressive???

There are many, many pros of such a revolutionary device. The list is endless, but we’ve decided to condense it for you.

Right off the bat, one of the most intriguing aspects of the Minifit is the exclusivity of its size. The Minifit is the size of a flash drive, fitting perfectly in one’s hand, making it one of the smallest and stealthiest pod systems on the market right now.

~Small, Slim, & Lightweight display the essence of the Minifit…. Take the name for instance: “Minifit” -> Mini in size, but fits your every needs accordingly. 

Although simple in design, the Minifit is a highly advanced device that combats all the problems typical vapers are faced with.

One key identifying trait of the Minifit is its durability/longevity. As seen with most Salc Nic Devices/Pod Systems such as the notorious JUUL, the lifespan of most devices like these is very short. If you are a frequent vaper, you could easily go through 2-5 JUULs in just one year. This is where the Minifit differs immensely… The Minifit, although small, lasts for months and quite possibly years on end.




The Pods:

Another major positive coming from the Minifit is its semi-closed system for refillable pods.

The pods are disposable and can be refilled many times with minimal-to-no leaking due to the system’s unique sense of reliability. Minifit’s pods don’t burn easily nor do they leak, but they last a very long time. JUSTFOG makes sure that the quality of each and every individual pod is unparalleled to its competition. The reason as to why Minifit’s pods rarely leak is due to its two unique refillable holes & the absence of a vapor lock, making the pods easy to fill up and nearly impossible for juice to get pushed back out. The Minifit is by no means a juice guzzler, but with constant vaping, expect to fill up your pod a few times a day. The best type of juice to use with this system is a 50/50 blend.


How do you hit the Minifit???

Another feature that sets the Minifit apart from most other pod systems is its unique “Fire” button. Rather than boasting an autodraw firing system, the Minifit is operated by a button.


The Pros:

Now that we’ve discussed the obvious tangibles of the Minifit, let’s go over the benefits provided to the actual user:

What are the clear pros of the Minifit’s pod system?

-Solid vapor production, not too much not too little. Perfect amount of clouds italicized by smooth & crisp hits.

-Flavor is abundant, but not overwhelming.

-Generous, tight mouth-to-lung draw.

-Great airflow w/ perfect resistance levels. Great draws.




The Battery Life:

Believe it or not, the battery life of this micro beast is stupendous for its size. It charges in less than an hour and can even be used while it’s charging. Due to the unique size of the Minifit, the battery life is stronger than one might think, but remember, the battery life is dependant on how often you vape.


 Minifit: The Features
  • All-in-One Design
  • Dimensions - 70mm by 21mm by 15mm
  • 1.5mL Juice Capacity
  • Constant Voltage-Based Output
  • Single Button Operation - Firing Mechanism
  • Ergonomic Trim Design
  • 1.6ohm Resistance Coil 
  • Replaceable Cartridge Design
  • LED Battery Light Indicator
  • MicroUSB Charging Port




  • 1 MINIFIT Battery
  • 1 MINIFIT Pod
  • Instructional Manual



The Minifit is perfect for a new vaper or a veteran. It is a simple, straightforward, easy to use, & a very well-balanced device. Battery Life + Size of Battery/Mod = Perfect Performance. The “Fire” button insures a perfect hit every time, while minimizing autofire issues. The pods are easily refillable due to the air escape hole, making them better than other brands. Lastly, the price benefit is ridiculous as it only cost $16.25 on our website!!!


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