WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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The Best Semi-Mech Mod on the Market Today 2019

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Author: Hayden Smiley

Date Published: 09/09/2019



Welcome back to Vape Dispatch’s blog! Today’s product of the day is the #FUSH, an innovative new device boasting unparalleled technology that sets itself apart from all others. 

The first device manufactured by Acrohm, the FUSH, is easily the BEST Semi-Mech mod on the market right now. I’d even go as to say that Acrohm is the Apple of the vaping world; The #FUSH is to Acrohm as the Mac is to Apple.

Don’t believe me??? Here’s why.



Durability is not up for debate as the Fush is composed of “Stainless Steel Bulletproof Polycarbonate Material”. Worried about breaking your top quality mech device??? That won’t happen with the Fush as it is virtually indestructible. The device is resistant and durable. Our team here at Vape Dispatch has even tested it out on handguns. The interior is constructed with copper material to enhance conductivity as well as ensure power stability to the performance. The FUSH can fire any atomizer within the resistance range of 0.07-2.5Ω including Sub-Ohm Tanks, RDA's, RTA's, and RDTA's.


A great combination to make the #FUSH the ultimate setup is:

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Fat Fish RDA

The ultimate setup = #FUSH + The FatFish RDA



The Fush can only hold one 18650 battery, but the device is designed to automatically cut off after a certain period of inactivity so that the battery life is not wasted. Additionally, the #FUSH can be recharged via an external charging station.



Originally, the Fush only had one color, silver. BUT... Acrohm has just recently released two new colors: Matte Black & White. The matte black Fush displays senses of class & mystery, while the overtone of color in the “Pearl White Fush” is angelic & aesthetically pleasing.

The Fush is practical in style, with a tubular shape, the device fits perfectly in one’s hand. The button/trigger on the Fush is meticulously placed on the bottom in order to alleviate any stress for the vaper.

The FUSH is the centerpiece of any nocturnal activity with its LED body offering 5 color configurations that can be changed with a simple flick of the wrist. Its minimalistic and creatively pleasing design, makes this mech mod a must-have masterpiece.   

Although the FUSH is remarkable in quality, the LED feature of the unique device makes it an illustrious product bounded by no technological restraint in the modern vaping world. The Fush consists of 5 different colors, each of which are unique in their own way: Red, White, Blue, Green, & Violet.  The intuitive mechanical switch on the base of the mod allows you to turn the device on and off as well as navigate through the various color features.

Vape to express yourself with your own color. At any time or place, FUSH will be the center of attention. The LED lights residing within the Fush aren’t like a small laser pointer… Instead, the entire body of the Fush illuminates with light, spreading around its chassis. Also, there are numerous ways in which the user can manipulate how the light feature works. 

There are 3 modes available to operate the light effects:

- On: Light always on.

- Off: Light always off.

- Breathing mode: Light will only turn on while firing.

If your not in the glamorous mood, you can turn the LED feature off and use the Fush like any other plain old vape.


Innovativity, Individuality, & Expressionism are the founding principles of the FUSH.

The FUSH allows for the vaper to express their innermost feelings. 

~Feeling Blue, Go Blue

~Feeling Red, Go Red

~Feeling White, Go White

Regardless of mood, happy or sad, the illumination of the Fush will always be by your side...

The FUSH can be one of many things: It can act as a high quality vape in which suits all your vaping needs everyday, or it can act as a visual attraction, acting as a sociable device perfect for going out. The #FUSH is the closest thing to a pet that a vape can be… It’s even a magnificent conversation starter. The inventor of the #FUSH is the Da Vinci of the vaping world. Let your colors burst with the FUSH Semi-Mech Mod and Rip the night away!

Don’t succumb to the tastes of others, vape how you want to vape… Vape the right way. Vape Acrohm.


Be different, be unique, be yourself.




  • 28mm Diameter
  • 110mm Height
  • Stainless Steel and Bulletproof Poly-Carbonate Construction
  • RGB Color LED Accents
  • Resistance Range: 0.07Ω - 2.5Ω ohm
  • Full Copper Internal Contacts
  • 0.01s Firing Speed
  • Mechanical Magnetic Firing Button
  • Protected Unregulated Chip
    • Full Bypass Firing
    • High-Temperature Protection
    • Short-Circuit Protection
    • Overload Protection
    • Over-Time Protection
    • Low Voltage Protection
    • Reverse Protection




The FUSH is the first of its kind, targeting customers who like mech-mods but don't like the risks that are associated. Thanks to an integrated chip inside the #FUSH, the vape provides for premiere security & protection. The Fush is perfect for someone who is looking for a device with advanced features in which is also a safer alternative than most mech-mods.

Listed below are the types of protection the #FUSH offers:

~High Temperature Protection

~Short-Circuit Protection

~Overload Protection
~Over-Time Protection

~Low Voltage Protection

~Reverse Protection


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